“On March 3rd, voters in the City of Santa Cruz will be asked whether or not to recall and remove from office two members of the City Council. Recalls are intended to remove elected officials who commit crimes or who abuse their powers in office. Regular elections, not recall elections, are the way that members of the public are supposed to make clear their various policy priorities. What is happening in this recall is an attempt to preempt and undermine the normal electoral process, and the voters should reject it.”

Justin Cummings, Mayor of Santa Cruz (read more)

How to Vote Against the Recalls

Please vote NO on the recalls of Chris Krohn and Drew Glover, then vote for progressive replacement candidates Tim Fitzmaurice and Katherine Beiers. Please see more details here, including information about California state election laws, and how to vote as a UCSC student.

What about accusations of gender discrimination?

  • Kate Bowland, Letter to Editor: Look at the facts before voting on recall, Feb 18, 2020
  • The Rose Report concluded that most accusations of Glover and Krohn “harassing women” or creating an intimidating work environment are unsubstantiated, meaning not proven by the facts. The only two exceptions that were substantiated were Krohn snorting during a meeting, and Glover becoming frustrated because someone was late in vacating a conference room that he needed.
  • 150+ women sign opposition statement against the recalls [ad published in GoodTimes, Feb 26]
  • Statement from Gillian Greensite, former member of Santa Cruz Commission for the the Prevention of Violence Against Women
  • Statement from Ann Simonton, founder of Media Watch, a journal challenging racism, sexism, and violence in the media