The REAL Roots of the Recall Campaign

A divisive recall campaign is underway against two progressive members of the Santa Cruz City Council. What’s behind it? Are the strident accusations against Drew Glover and Chris Krohn valid, or are they a smokescreen for a sordid attempt to overturn the will of the people in the past two elections?

The Recall drumbeat began immediately after the November 2018 election, long before accusations of personal misconduct.
A wealthy construction company owner’s letter to the Sentinel and another person’s post on Next Door initiated rumblings about recalling Chris Krohn on November 7, 2018, when it began to seem that two progressive City Council candidates, Justin Cummings and Drew Glover might be elected, resulting in a 4-3 progressive majority.

The origins of the recall were political issues: real estate, housing, and landlord-tenant relations.
Initiating a clamor echoed many times since in the wake of the Measure M defeat, recall advocates faulted Krohn not for personal behavior, but for his political views on property transfer taxes and rental taxes. Later came opposition to any ordinance protecting tenants against eviction without just cause, first, in a January 18, 2019, Sentinel letter proposing a recall against Krohn and Council member Sandy Brown (NOT Drew Glover!), then in a February 6, 2019, Sentinel letter by a person who later helped initiate the recall petitions.

Beginning in November 2018, recall advocates sought to delegitimize the election, complaining that unfair UCSC student voting tilted the outcome.
One pro-recall person railed against “temporary residents” voting; then, on November 12, in a Sentinel column, Mark Primack insinuated that campaigners for progressives were “offering free doughnuts and ballot recommendations” to gain UCSC students’ votes. Later, Primack and others voiced flat-out opposition to UCSC students voting in Santa Cruz.

Proponents of a recall wanted to oust progressive council members before the newly elected ones had even been seated! In short, the origin of the whole effort is an effort to have a redo of the 2018 election. Please stand up for fair elections and refuse to sign the recall petition. If you signed a petition and regret it, you can legally Withdraw Your Signature here.