In August 2019, the City of Santa Cruz released a partially redacted version of attorney Joe Rose’s report, “Investigative Report 2019 Complaints Against Two City Council Members,” informally known as the Rose Report. The version on the City’s website is not fully searchable. Here are searchable versions:

Rose Report Complete Package (best quality, 39 MB)

Rose Report Complete Package (smaller file, poor quality, 9 MB)

Here we provide a list showing the contents of the complete package.

Letter from City Manager1
HR Memorandum from Lisa Murphy4
iExecutive Summary27
ivDetailed Table of Contents30
1Introduction, Scope, Methodology, and Organization35
8Witness: Martine Watkins, Mayor42
19Witness: City Employee 195
23Witness: City Employee 357
26Witness: Donna Meyers, Councilmember60
33Witness: City Employee 467
39Witness: City Employee 273
43Witnesses: Citizen 1, Citizen 2, and Citizen 377
49Witness: Justin Cummings, Vice Mayor83
52Witness: Drew Glover, Councilmember86
62Witness: Chris Krohn, Councilmember96
68City Policy Excerpts and Definitions102
76Investigative Findings and Conclusions110
A, BAppendix A and Appendix B125
Exhibits 1 to 29127