If you signed a recall petition but changed your mind, you can withdraw your signature!

How to remove your signature from recall petitions:

The petitions concern whether to recall two duly elected Santa Cruz Council members – Drew Glover and Chris Krohn. Anyone who signed a recall petition has the legal right to withdraw his or her petition signature.

IMPORTANT: Signature withdrawal forms must be in the hands of the City Elections Official by no later than close of business (5:00 pm) the day BEFORE recall petitions are submitted. Postmarks do not count.

The final deadline for the recall petitions is Tuesday, October 22. We recommend filing your withdrawal no later than Friday, October 18. The latest possible date would be Monday, October 21, but if the recall petitions are submitted on that date, it will be too late to withdraw your signature.

Click to Download: Signature Withdrawal Form (PDF)

Download and complete the signature withdrawal forms. The first page has important instructions! The second and third pages are the forms for withdrawing your signature, one for each Councilmember named on the petitions. Fill out and sign the forms and mail or bring them as soon as possible.

Questions or need help downloading or printing the form? Contact us at info@norecall.org .

We can even pick up your signed forms and turn them in for you! Just call Sheila at 831-435-9797 to make arrangements.