Please click the links below for Councilmembers Drew Glover and Chris Krohn’s public statements on the recall, and fascinating material on their previous work in Santa Cruz and their vision for our community’s future. We also include information about former mayors Katherine Beiers and Tim Fitzmaurice who oppose the recalls and, at the same time, have selflessly stepped forward to serve as progressive replacement candidates in case Glover or Krohn is recalled. Please remember to do both: Vote NO on the recalls, and vote for Beiers and Fitzmaurice. (See additional voting information here.)

Chris Krohn

Councilmember Chris Krohn

Seasoned activist and public servant Chris Krohn was first elected to the Santa Cruz City Council in 1998. He served a four-year term and was Mayor in 2002. In 2005, he joined the UCSC Environmental Studies Department “I looked around at what was most important to me – family, education, the planet earth – and realized that I had always learned best by participating in internships and field work activities. And what was the most important issue really? The planet and its changing climate!” He was again elected to City Council in 2016.

Councilmember Drew Glover

Drew Glover, a lifelong resident of Santa Cruz and active in the environmental as well as peace and social justice movement, was elected for his first term in public office in 2018. He is a cancer survivor and a former member of the Commission for the Prevention of Violence Against Women. He is the founder and director of Project:Pollinate, and he is employed by the Resource Center for Nonviolence. He advocates for better housing, healthcare, childcare, and education for all.

Candidate Katherine Beiers

Katherine Beiers opposes the recalls, and she is running as a progressive replacement candidate in case Chris Krohn is recalled. In the past she has served 15 years on the City Council, including serving as Mayor in 1995 and 1999. She is a marathon runner and she is determined to address affordable housing, homelessness problems, and climate change and income inequality.

Candidate Tim Fitzmaurice

Tim Fitzmaurice opposes the recalls, and he is running as a progressive replacement candidate in case Drew Glover is recalled. He was previously elected to City Council in 1998, and he served as Mayor in 2001. He has also served on the Regional Transportation Commission and the Santa Cruz Metro Board, and he is currently a faculty member at Crown College, UCSC.